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We are currently not accepting new clients until July. We deeply value your interest in our services and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please check back in July for updates and availability. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Counselling + Psychotherapy

Individual sessions to explore and address life challenges and mental wellness.  Counselling sessions may include the use of hypnotherapy if and when appropriate for presenting concern. 


Rei (Universal life) Ki (Energy)  A Japanese healing technique, sometimes referred to as “energy work”.  Reiki is not associated with any specific religion, it draws on the universal life energy.  A Reiki treatment can involve light touch (or hovering)) to help balance and refresh energy flow in the body.

Reiki + Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy allows you to be in a deep state of relaxation and be open to receiving Reiki, the time spent receiving Reiki after hypnotherapy allows you to be in stillness after the hypnosis and let everything sink in.

Vanessa Hoag, MSW RSW CHyp.

Psychotherapist, Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist & Reiki Master

With over 8 years experience in community mental health services and a Master Degree in Social Work, Vanessa is passionate about assisting and empowering people to improve their mental health. She has supported countless clients within our community through various roles such as crisis intervention, counselling, case management, group therapy and family support. She has helped people work through issues related to anxiety, depression, self-esteem, relationships, life changes and trauma.  

Through the creation of Jasper Healing, Vanessa is excited to welcome you to her modern studio and offer complementary healing models in tandem with her clinical background. Vanessa looks forward to working together with you on your mental health goals and supporting your path to wellness and improved life balance.


Meet Milo, the office dog who is currently in training to become a therapy dog. Milo is a 5 year old golden retriever she loves getting attention when clients first arrive and usually falls asleep shortly after the session begins. Milo has been a nice addition to services in helping clients to feel more comfortable, especially younger clients.

If you have concerns or fears of dogs please let me know ahead of your appointment so that I can make arrangements for Milo to be out of the office during your appointment.


Jasper Healing


Lindsay, Ontario